Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My latest characters from the "30 Characters Challenge"...

Sorry I'm behind on posting these. You can check out more at http://www.30characters.com/:

This Grog. Grog see Krunk try to smash Ook Ook. Grog put on costume and smash Krunk. Grog now "Cave-Man".

Boomstick is a member of "Fun Size Justice", a group of ex-teenage superhero sidekicks, who decided they know better than their mentors, and are sick and tired of being told what to do.
Boomstick was "Shadow Fox II's" sidekick (Foxy), and had it up to here with being told "We don't use guns", and "We don't kill". Neither seemed to get the job done. Now Boomstick leads "Fun Size Justice", acting as a teenaged "Punsher".

Napalm is another member of "Fun Size Justice". He was the wizkid sidekick of "Armored Avenger". Tired of inventing better tech that Armored Avenger wouldn't use just because he was jealous, and only being allowed to fix Armored Avenger's tech, Napalm joins "Fun Size Justice".

Might Mutt is yet another member of "Fun Size Justice". He was once the faithful companion of  Mr. Mighty, strongest man on earth. After several years working together, Mighty Mutt got tired of still living in a dog house and eating plain old dog food, despite the fact he was more intelligent than the average human being, and 10 times as strong. Now Mighty Mutt is the merciless field leader of "Fun Size Justice".

The lie has no body. The lie is just a voice. He whispers into people's ears, making his voice seem to be their own inner thoughts. The Lie has been known to control hundreds of people over the course of their entire lives. The only way to resist the lie is to realize he is not your own thoughts, but another entity entirely, and ignore him. He will eventually move on to a more susceptible person.

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  1. This is great stuff!

    Grog is my favorite of all of them so far.