Thursday, November 11, 2010

11-11-10 More characters...

Here's more characters for

When Count Dracula was visited by travelling gypsys, he was attacked by one of their performing monkeys. Defending himself, Dracula bit the monkey, and left it for dead, unknowingly transforming Ook into the worlds first vampire monkey. Count Ook terrorized Transylvania until Dracula kicked him out, embarrassed by him. Finding himself in the United States, Count Ook formed the Zoo Krew Krushers, a team of animal supervillains he leads to this day.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

#10 Wall Street

Here's my latest character for

Rocko was exposed to your typical outer space meteor radiation. He was standing too close to a bull at the time, thus became half man, half bull. He soon joined a team calling themselves the Zoo Krew Krushers. The Krushers were defeated time and again by various super hero teams. Rocko got tired of this type of life. He had always been good at numbers and economics in school, so he tried his hand at Wall Street. To his pleasant surprise, Rocko was a Wall Street wizard. He now lives a comfortable life commuting from his home in South Jersey to New York. His old Zoo Krew Krushers teammates call him "Wall Street". To this day, Rocko can't tell if they're praising or mocking him.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My latest characters from the "30 Characters Challenge"...

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This Grog. Grog see Krunk try to smash Ook Ook. Grog put on costume and smash Krunk. Grog now "Cave-Man".

Boomstick is a member of "Fun Size Justice", a group of ex-teenage superhero sidekicks, who decided they know better than their mentors, and are sick and tired of being told what to do.
Boomstick was "Shadow Fox II's" sidekick (Foxy), and had it up to here with being told "We don't use guns", and "We don't kill". Neither seemed to get the job done. Now Boomstick leads "Fun Size Justice", acting as a teenaged "Punsher".

Napalm is another member of "Fun Size Justice". He was the wizkid sidekick of "Armored Avenger". Tired of inventing better tech that Armored Avenger wouldn't use just because he was jealous, and only being allowed to fix Armored Avenger's tech, Napalm joins "Fun Size Justice".

Might Mutt is yet another member of "Fun Size Justice". He was once the faithful companion of  Mr. Mighty, strongest man on earth. After several years working together, Mighty Mutt got tired of still living in a dog house and eating plain old dog food, despite the fact he was more intelligent than the average human being, and 10 times as strong. Now Mighty Mutt is the merciless field leader of "Fun Size Justice".

The lie has no body. The lie is just a voice. He whispers into people's ears, making his voice seem to be their own inner thoughts. The Lie has been known to control hundreds of people over the course of their entire lives. The only way to resist the lie is to realize he is not your own thoughts, but another entity entirely, and ignore him. He will eventually move on to a more susceptible person.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Which size comic do you prefer? Standard or Digest size?

Hey everyone,

Just wanted to get your feedback on which format we should go with on Epic Jam. Digest or standard comic size? I think Digest books look really neat, but wonder if too much detail would be lost?

30 Characters Challenge entry #4: Gargoyle-Man

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Renchak was one among legions of gargoyles summoned to our world by the dastardly wizard "Lord Marrow". Renchak's fellow gargoyles were sent back to where they came from, but somehow, Renchak was missed. Finding himself stuck in our world, Renchak decided to become a costumed hero, like the people who sent his fellow gargoyles away, as it looked like a great deal of fun. Calling himself "Gargoyle-Man", Renchak isn't taken very seriously by the Super-Hero community, but he still tries, day after day, to earn their respect.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

30 Characters Challenge entry #3: Shadow Fox II

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Due to the comments on Shadow Fox, I decided to create Shadow Fox's sidekick: Foxy. He's currently the new Shadow Fox, and is frustrated with his predecessor for striving to continue his superheroic activities in his old age.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

30 Characters Challenge entry #2: Shadow Fox

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Shadow Fox was a super-hero in his prime back during "The Great War". We now find him in the '70's, refusing to give up his Super-Hero activities despite his lack of powers and advanced age. He still manages to do his part in the Super-Hero community, as he still has his razor sharp intellect, and amazing gadgets.

Monday, November 1, 2010

30 Characters Challenge entry #1: J33V3S...

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Meet J33V3S. In the future, robots are given more and more rights, and eventually have the option to buy their freedom. J33V3S was one of the first robots to do so. J33V3S then proceded to go into the detective business, and robots have natural deductive reasoning skills. So he's basically a future emancipated robo-detective.